Dark Mirror Games at Melbourne International Games Week

We made it over east this year for Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) - not a small achievement for a tiny indie outfit from Western Australia. At times we both felt a little overwhelmed.

Banishment arrived at PAX Australia from 27-29 October, where we spent a fun-filled few days demonstrating the power of the Dark One to those who were foolish enough to accept its invitation. It was our first time at PAX, which made for a grand send-off to MIGW.

We joined up with a collection of other creative Australian designers at the Tabletop Game Designers of Australia booth to showcase the game. A few copies also made their way into the PAX tabletop library. The quality of both local tabletop and digital games on show was very impressive and something to aspire to. 

Earlier in the week, we visited DevCon, a TGDA networking event, to catch up with our fellow tabletop designers on the east coast, and Kim attended the inspirational (and surprisingly emotive) Game Connect Asia Pacific 2017 with the help of grants from GCAP Assist and Perth-based Let's Make Games. It was a fantastic, if hectic, week where we met many new faces and packed a multitude of experiences into a short amount of time.

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