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Dark Mirror Games at Melbourne International Games Week

Dark Mirror Games at Melbourne International Games Week

We made it over east this year for Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW) - not a small achievement for a tiny indie outfit from Western Australia. At times we both felt a little overwhelmed.

Banishment arrived at PAX Australia from 27-29 October, where we spent a fun-filled few days demonstrating the power of the Dark One to those who were foolish enough to accept its invitation. It was our first time at PAX, which made for a grand send-off to MIGW.

We joined up with a collection of other creative Australian designers at the Tabletop Game Designers of Australia booth to showcase the...

Banishment instruction manual update

We've discovered that the Demon's win condition is missing from the Banishment instruction manual! (To anyone looking for answers, the Demon wins when the Demon Dice reaches 10.)

We are fixing this in a PDF update later this week which will be sent out to all eligible Kickstarter backers. The PDF will also be adjusted to be more printer-friendly.

We'll be fixing this for all print copies of Banishment as well, for both Kickstarter backers and new customers. Keep an eye on this space for further updates.

Banishment shipment and launch

Banishment shipment and launch

Our shipment of Banishment has arrived, and we're in the midst of shipping Kickstarter rewards out to all our backers. International backers are being given highest priority due to longer shipping times, but we expect to have sent them all out by the end of next week. Get ready!

In other news, our local Perth launch event is on tonight at Quenda Games. We'll be handing out copies to Kickstarter backers who arrive, and playing as many rounds of Banishment as we can.

Hope to see you all there!