About us

Dark Mirror Games make indie tabletop games and are based in Perth, Australia.

Meet the team:


Jonathan has loved games his whole life, from playing LANs of Starcraft and Baldur's Gate when he was young, to being Dungeon Master for his siblings through multiple RPG campaigns.

Favourite tabletop games:
- Seven Wonders
- Dominion
- World of Darkness
- Settlers of Catan


Kimberley is a designer, musician, writer and avid gamer. Her game Dream of the Djinn is Dark Mirror Games' first product. She grew up playing punishing old school rogue-likes such as ADOM and Japanese strategy games such as the Fire Emblem series.

Favourite tabletop games:
- Magic: The Gathering
- Betrayal on the House on the Hill
- Codenames
- Pictionary


Banshee is the team salescat, with over two years of experience in effective marketing techniques including being adorable and pouncing on small objects.

Favourite tabletop games:
- Interrupting D&D to knock the dice off the table
- Chasing dice under the fridge


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