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Banishment is a 2-5 player asymmetrical, semi-cooperative card game about exorcism. Embrace your dark side and play the part of a monstrous Demon or join a desperate band of Exorcists attempting to banish it.

This comes with Cult War expansion cards, which can be combined with your games of Banishment to add powerful new relics to the Exorcists' arsenal, as well as foul magicks that favour the Demon.



- Box
- Demon Dice
- Banishment Rule Book
- 35 Card Exorcist Deck
- 23 Card Demon Deck
- 18 Card Ritual Deck

- Cult War Expansion Rule Book
- 10 Card Sigil Deck
- 11 Card Exorcist Cult War Expansion pack
- 5 Card Demon Cult War Expansion pack
- Cult War Ritual card "Summon the Dark One"

Buying two copies of this game will allow you to play the full Cult War expansion - a 6 player variant where two teams (of Demon and Exorcists working together) attempt to be the first to summon the dreaded Dark One.

Banishment Card Game - Box Cover
Banishment Card Game - Card Example
Banishment Card Game - Demon Deck
Banishment Card Game - Boxes