Dream of the Djinn RPG Adventure - PDF

Dream of the Djinn - Digital PDF

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Dream of the Djinn is a 103-page fantasy role-playing adventure game book for 3-5 players, where deathtraps are plentiful and stakes are high. Compatible with most RPG systems, this puzzle heavy gauntlet will see you test the limits of your creativity and resourcefulness in order to emerge victorious. Can you survive?

  • Explore almost 40 unique dungeon rooms packed full of surprises.
  • Experience 12-15 hours of total gameplay.
  • Encounter a variety of NPCs, creatures and events - friend and foe.
  • Evade deadly traps, surreal curses and powerful artifacts.
  • Exercise yours wits and creativity to help solve unexpected problems.

This is a DRM-free digital version in PDF format and it will be delivered electronically.

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